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The AMACORÉ expedition (Amazon + Manicoré) promotes several reforestation actions in areas degraded by the action of time and mining work, in addition to helping in the social development of the region.

+4,000 TREES .

Through the partnership between the Amazon Banking Trust and IPA, we will take the actions of the Amazônia Verde Project to Manicoré - AM, one of the regions affected by the mining action on the Madeira River. 

After surveys, we considered planting more than 4 thousand seedlings of native trees, in addition to applying our Conscious Mining program to promote sustainable standards and conduct for residents and workers.


of the Madeira River

The community benefits too!

One of the largest rivers in the Amazon basin


More than 21 thousand families impacted through COEMFAM!

Incentive programs for early childhood education, handicrafts, fairs, professional courses and partnerships with the city hall for reforestation.

The current scenario of gold exploration in the region, with hundreds of ferries equipped with machinery that pollute the waters of the Madeira River, leads us to promote sustainability actions throughout its extension.

In Manicoré there is COEMFAM - Cooperative of Mineral and Family Extractives. More than 21,000 families and cooperative members will be impacted by the social and environmental actions of the Amzônia Verde Project in partnership with the cooperative.

sustainability .

With the help of the city hall, in partnership with the Federal Police, we are going to give life to areas degraded by mining.

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